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Meet the Team!


Dr. Wei You

Principal Investigator

Copy of Liang.JPG

Dr. Liang Yan

Research Assistant Professor


Copy of Joji.JPG

Dr. Joji Tanaka

Postdoctoral Scholar


Dr. Jiajia Li

Postdoctoral Scholar

5th Year Graduate Students

Copy of Kyle.JPG

Kyle Cushman

Year 5

4th Year Graduate Students

Copy of Xiaowei.JPG

Xiaowei Zhong

Year 4

Copy of Jordan.JPG

Jordan Shanahan

Year 3

Copy of Justin.JPG

Justin Neu

Year 3

3rd Year Graduate Students

Copy of anthony.jpg

Anthony Megret Bonilla

Year 2

Copy of Clouthier Samantha-3.jfif

Sam Clouthier

Year 2

2nd Year Graduate Students

Group Photos

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